Endeavour Prawn test market campaign in the media:

New dawn for prawn

Published in The Cairns Post, 10th Oct 2007, Article by David Sexton

Tired of getting the raw prawn from overseas importers, the Queensland Seafood marketers Association has launched a campaign to get Far Northern prawns on tables across the state.

QSMA has launched a range of ads and a website urging people to buy the endeavour prawn species of prawn.

The $85,000 campaign was designed in Cairns and features ads on television, newspapers and magazines... » read full article and see photograph here

Seafood industry says "don't judge a prawn by its cover"

Broadcast on ABC Rural Queensland, 10th Oct 2007, Report by Peter Clausen
In this report: Jim Fogarty, President QSMA

The Queensland Seafood Marketers Association has launched a new campaign to turn Queensland's ugliest crustacean into a prawn star.

The $85,000 dollar campaign in Cairns aims to change public perceptions of the Endeavor prawn.

Jim Fogarty, the president of QSMA, says most people don't know how good the Endeavor prawn tastes... » read or listen to broadcast here

Endeavouring to change prawn's fortune

Broadcast on ABC Rural Queensland, 21st Aug 2007, Report by Adam Stephen
In this report: Marshall Betzel, campaign supporter, North Queensland Trawler Supplies; David McAtemney, retailer, Independent Seafood Producers; Mark Millward, President, Torres Strait Prawn Entitlement Holders Association

'Don't judge a prawn by its cover'. That will be the message delivered to north Queensland consumers from October, as the Queensland seafood industry looks for a market to soak up large stocks of endeavour prawns.

Endeavours are normally exported to Europe but recently they've struggled in that market because of the high value of the Australia dollar and increased competition from Asian farmed prawns.

Large amounts of endeavours have been directed to the domestic market where they've also struggled because of their appearance... » read or listen to broadcast here



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The Federal Fisheries Research and Development Corporation is a significant contributer to the Endeavour Prawns Cairns Test Market Campaign. We thank them not only for the important funds, but also for some great images and information.

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